Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Opening of the W.C. Field

Robert Alfred Edward
North Whitehead Duncan
"may not neglect the
multifariousness of the world-
the boot-wearing fairies
slam-dance, and this eighty-eyed
spider-dolphin headed jesus
gets nailed to a volkswagon
sunwheel cross-hair"
towards fullness, the beautiful
profusion takes me.
avalanche, AVALANCHE,
TAOCHI (tyche) Bra-hoo (Brujo)
take me with you in your slide

for my surfboard
is of space-grade-carbon-enhanced
ceramic polymer mesh
and my feet are shorn
in ssslalomeander skin

o ko-koochi tao
tao-tie moonstro
your youth is sad
and your future dark
but let the love sing out of you
on your pipe-organ of mad matter
and become

The Abominable Dr. Mojo Phibes'
150th sequel
with a soundtrack by
Professor Longhair accompanied
by the wild children's satyr orchestra
of pan-pipes
at the gates of dawn..

work makes free
wok makes foo
fang it up!
put on your fanged up
sky-city gown
and chin-wheels