Tuesday, January 10, 2017

sam the time traveler

the length of subjective time for long leaps along the temporal plane were purely technical sam had learned

the ship or auracle as it was called had an array of complex sensors and a computational core which allowed it to make spatial corrections based on material obstruction or composition
at the destination point

sam was odd

his first trip to the future was something like a hundred trillion years and when he arrived he wasn't exactly surprised but a little pleased with himself

he was seemingly on an immense tentacle streaming out from an octopoid megabrain the size of a supermassive black hole
but the really gratifying thing was that for miles around all he could see

was hundreds of billions of nude multi-chromatic people dancing and all of them perfectly choreographed like an immense kaleidoscopic pattern covering every surface of the megabrain

and each of them had
a shimmering purple glitter fountain wallaby-snail-turban
on their head

sam thought tersely that it must be
an edible info-glitter vita-meme-economy

he stayed there for awhile
and watched the tendrils of the masses

for the masses
by the masses
and really
it was quite a mass

and not really a morass anymore
but more of a
boogie ass cosmos