Tuesday, January 10, 2017

As I Ebb’d with Hogs and Hosanks

mink comma hatch
hosed berries
chin yanking green nitre
irking the swollen tarantula's yen
the yen of mink yesses paused on disease

chinch stain peas
inching peas that shat
irked minks that shat
banhmis in a hammam
vortical hiccoughs
hog gangsters made of nuts
and nut butter covered yams
gales of mensch bleary with ampi-vogue
log hats vogue
and tarantula pate' from a can

hapless shaky handshakes
of young curs in helium
my scrunched up me aghast and rayin'
it's hokum

skeeters shat pivoting in vortical jerks
before the hangists with their empty tooting unis
their eight thinged ootsy
and buoyed up by a hose of bazaars in hazmat trauma
drunken runners meek as hacking soggy musings
tuft their soft ghost hands with sand
Doctor Wagner's Sands
like a tea of prismatic gunnery

Shoggoth's in vogue but even that's
a gland bath
in a tea bath with meerkats
wearing a shirt of yellow hoses
exuding various grapes and data bark panels
making spittles: 'MAKE YOUR SPITTLE'
attack! the vortical pivoting diaries' window vats
chemical rats fill up the windows

i am the head vellum yes i am
and my dip gel causes ink cats to kinky shores
have a yell in yam ink
say yes to the phantom nostrum which pirouettes in yen
in a vortex of mink and corrogue

Rakshasas in gem inks vellum these castaways
"HOSANKS" of giants yank your husky veracities of karma
dada pretzels cheddar the vogues of yaks caught up in ammo sumps
i am a martyr to mysteries
and my hosank is a pastel gadget