Wednesday, January 18, 2017

a flower person will indeed see flowers

if a certain mirror is also a flower
a reflected she objects
to images of independent models
for instance Is
this color gives conversation
by the canvas of its canvas dream denuded
by the folds which after the flowering
of the imaginary within the image resumes
on a conversation of eaten mixtures
these films mix diffuse realities in voices
and return as jerky wigs / the one
the one as glasses the one as its own young
as the only camera / chimera or in the way
that the beauty of music is created by foreign images
one for a boasting wine and one for a dream
of a universe not spilt in split dreams the one
there are always bored views which are more
than the jewelry the one hears
providing that musical glasses create
a kaleidoscopic violence a she
who monopolizes the animation of the body
which sees flowers
spying on their world of sweets
as the videographer of the one
or the never-one which like a mannequin
is not what a substitute mode of desire
smiles at while it retains its motion
its nails made of decomposed
and vulgar toothpaste made of men posing
waiting for real caressing which needs indifference
or face to face brings back a preoccupied girl's
anguishing over the beautiful or pauses within reality
occupy the kaleidoscope and occupy the body
of the soon-to-dream dreams which as various dancing
dancers remains the one
an image which objects hard
to a certain jerky split
a fantasmatic nail resume'
performed by a fashion image
made only with toothpaste which
the violent universe reflects
as a mannequin of bored movement
which becomes a wig pattern
waiting for more spy movies or she
so that while the camera slowly pans
up and down her body
the background dispute
becomes more violent
more bored