Monday, January 9, 2017

more chogging still

Therefore I took my neatsfoot oil
which now was chogged like honey
and rubbed it hard into my leg-joints
so far as I could reach them
in a procession three times around the hall

Howe of course was there too
and he reported that Hearst's name
was chogged in once
by a Queen's orator but
she was chogged full of energy

She had pride in her work and she
had tact humor sympathy patience
generosity endurance determination
indeed almost every admirable trait
of character

The crown with one on either side
having been put in these briars were supported
at the leading end the other end being
chogged up tight an inch above and resting
on the cast-iron ining

Poling boards were inserted and the head-trees
made flashing as the luminous armpit snakes
made dashing the chogged up remains
of diana's scuba-goitered flow-bots

just as their scuba-goiter crowns
are chogged apart by seven hard wood chogs
about 26 in. long the length of any delicious
meat set away until next morning-then season
with salt pepper and chogged

mermaids clinched in silver soil
and made pimpernells of oil
Thar now retch your arms around my middlins
and my mindlessness

and let your head-tree chog
iron salamander knuckles
for a sweet claw of purpose