Tuesday, January 17, 2017

are you very afraid to be unique?

snowflakes of glass
are embedded with iron veins
and they hover
because of supercooled magnets
you can see inside the planet
bright orange hairless genderless athletes
live in the deep magma core
with magnet horns that shoot magma
i ride snowflakes everywhere
in the high stratosphere
feathered flying land eels can make a home
in a huge bronze hollow horse head
without your having to like
the Godfather very much
if you never knew what it meant
to be unique you might not ever have
never gotten here right now forever
so like is it really pop culture
or is it like a nacred trident
balanced on a single peg
at a very slight obtuse angle
high high up
on a bare wall
it's like holding your breath
while you are sleeping
and which causes you somehow
to become the wizard of oz
with amnesia
inside an emerald building
a mile high
that moves and rustles
like a cape
it could be anything you wanted
it could be a wood prison
floating on an ocean
of fleas
with a leak