Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Student Jane jobs as an assistant
for the animal researcher Phillip
in a lonesome old house.

They live alone except for the
chimpanzees and butler Link:
a 45 years old very intelligent orangutan.

Phillip wants to put Link to death.
However before he can do this
he's vanished tracelessly one morning.

Link starts behaving more and
more aggressive and prohibits Jane
from using the phone or reaching the next village.

When she punishes him by locking
him out, he becomes violent.
You Jane, Me Link, that kind of thing.

Link it seems had remembered a former life
wherein the ancient city of Atlantis
was populated solely by orangutans.

So Link was their King like Nero,
and he played the double seahore lyre
as the wondrous city sank beneath the waves.