Friday, January 13, 2017

The Shepherds of Franz Marc

There appeared before him a sight impossible to describe the flat dull matte and gem like aqua stone woman was touching the sleeping man's head with her foot in the search engine she types renaissance idols and begins paddling in the pile of images she types how can you avoid getting lost in this blooming the one continuity is the gaps breaks the disjunctions of actual nude exposed horse cavity nihilism of pathetic gestures aktionism returns to the carpark the factory the cave of friends where the niche and the candle are hunting // to wit some semi-transparent insectoid cave monkey clutching a stalagmite she begins paddling in magazines she begins paddling in idols she begins paddling in renaissance foot keyboards There appeared before him stanislaw's limb a sight impossible to describe sections of the earth were turned into wheels with their axles deep in the ground and the wheels all have sections removed sections we might call pie pieces is nihilism structural? and opening at random the search engine revealed a Marguerite Young line: Mr. Spitzer had his own sad, concentric problems or his dead brother's continuing but sporadic problems, those which were not confined to these marvelous evenings, those which were not his in reality but which he had this analysis of the writings of Bernardo Atxaga is inspired by his image of the Basque language as a hedgehog that has "survived... by withdrawing" He searched for: Consciousness is a wheel with a section removed. Nothing returned.