Friday, January 6, 2017

in the dream

owing in part to a synthetic armaturial fondement the hortitect liked to call 'le neurf' the grand and circular hedge-mazed turqueries of the variously variegated and coloured box-wood ran straight up the exterior walls of the chateau (shot-two) culminating in elaborate floral window frames among other things integrated perfectly with the all-weather kineto-plastique of the gesturing statuary which could also be heard singing or giving oratory their transparent bodies luminous in the evening with the circulation of their internal phosphorescent lubrication on the top of the central wide high florette of the chateau was the largest single piece of glass in the world a tulip whose internal organs are the divisions of wooden rooms but also curved slides and large exquisite marble victories figures whose bodies are large enough to pass through several rooms forming parts of their interruptions so that to view them one must visit many and varying environments and then construct their image in one's mind at the very crown of the grand tulip lies the universal balcony named as such by the Empress Hupuguphaga herself who once wore only a single gigantic leaf at court setting off an entire decade of living couture on the hilltop opposite the chateau there is as well the basilisk fountain one of the first materiality synthesizer fountains in the Empire the domain the rub-sac-la-goad or whatever it is they are calling it these days flying carpets of synthetic insects nictitating cabinets

in the dream

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