Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Commentary on the Lament of Yatagarasu

Reißen Sie die Tür ab
'oak wilma'
in balloon carrion attic
critic titanoids
we pilot our hur-zeal onward
Internet muvharo kure
milk foam internet's
woven lid womb "tearing off"

'oak wilma'
is all the world
in fishnet stockings
but 'oak wilma' alone
is the enhoaried pilot
of the desiccated embryo zeppelin

for why is the sun dried lamp
alone in the dark
more illumination
than value

when has 'oak wilma'
known or sought value
in the tongue tied lamp
whose long
buffalo aquarium
is a heavy architectural symnol
laid on the earth
and home to the last people

the employees
of nhk news tokyo

who were the only ones to survive
the vast dehumanizing
which they commemorate
'some mythic atrocity'

the atslēga atvērt aitu durvis
or karma karma cameo leon don katsu's
fredbarney diorama ribs