Friday, January 6, 2017


gothic fraud
white hot jagged ember rused up
into castle at the top of a scar
the 3 strange nieces of horace walpole
chattering like cross-eyed muses
sitting on a giant seashell bench overlooking
the ocean

and tucked way near an adjacent harbor
the amphitheater by the sea
now filled with bewildering animals

once triumphs ballooned there
once bewildering animals were tasted
by the string of its singular character
psychoses what chord
a sailor cannot afford to come ashore
but watches entertainments from the sea

a poem with no resolution of cause
its uneven character built in
the fertile land loses nothing
plants grow in abandon round the
amphitheater by the sea

now beasts are at war
upon the stage
and a farmer sits glowering
in a nearby cave


is like a gray tooth
in an angel's face
a grey tooth
with a golden rectum

holding a diamond