Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy Hula!

by default
the members of the Montfaucon family
had very large heads
astromedieval granary lights
David Niven's crystal skull
strange and moody scenes
on the edges of a vast arboreal
whildernoss (a whilled door or found air)
its eponymous founder or alterer
appeared one day
to Odile de Caray
Marco of Highbrow-Montfaucon
newly evolved for dimensional travels
through the 1950's
beyyond gunds ore rockkett skips
the new comet
goup or group mindform rubber
for the molecular ullamaliztli
now the tiny family
tends their small galaxy
(arrow through the melon)
escaping their high security prisons
from around the dark sphere
of unknowing
and each of their large round
four-dimensional heads
represents a sacrifice
a comet laid upon the altar of
monster flesh and opened up
to release another
a large headed girl in a
tasteful red summer dress
with small stiff white lace collars
clutching her hands together over her heart
but wringing them evilly
and smirking
Happy Hula!
dancing to the fourth dimension
Marco's car-key tie
you imagine he is Australian
but like a chess-ogre
in full length sheep-skin djellaba
for the cool nights on Mount Everest