Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Falun Gong Refugee

balloon gong
behind the balloon gong door
lines of heads
gem-mouthed balloon gong heads
snoring doors
behind the headlines
reading from their frail miniature bodies
their dusty powdery pasty little dolls
walking up balloon stairs in the open air
approaching the balloon bell
with the red rubber stroker
treading up the headlines
to find these rows of gem filled balloon heads
the great blue hilt gem
of the red rubber stroker
a strike to the face
a strike straight to the human balloon face
a strike straight to the gong
where the headlines ring out
the rows of severed balloon heads
filled with the frail pasty miniature bodies
like little butoh dancers made of old apple parts
you make scenes with them under the provision
of a delicate art nouveau table lamp
snoring balloon gem lights out into the headlines
balloon golem takes up its red rubber club
heads out through the balloon gong door
to make some headlines
bulb headed leader struck down
by red rubber baton
transparent air membrane sought in connection
it's making little balloon dachsunds
for the hissing dried apple butoh people
to sit on
behind the headlines
where the irrationality of matter exults in itself
where absolute and transcendent insanity bequeathes
frail miniature headline balloons
a strike to the face
on a balloon moon
a gong that annoys the universe
as the universe is a noise
like a blind deformed old dragon bladder
made of old butoh apple golem balloons
like Groucho Marx reading Stephen Leacock
on a train
through a non-linguistic Arizona
what's your balloon gong recipe?