Thursday, January 12, 2017

muse hung

if white lava invade
the purple connestoga taps
alternate universes swerve for the pore
and make ready their elizabethan
turtle peoples
to stick their head up through the campfire
sucking harmonica teeth

this old zen power log will have to do
powder your wigs
you desperate star hobos
this ditch has never looked so

broken cranes
their fingers upon the moors
its collar is warm prairie
chicken buoy now but it cannot read
fall alzheimer's with her
foot in your mouth
leptonycteris novalis
would enudate paraklausithyron
geronimo tsakonikos

their cloud conquistador helmet balloon lanterns
running on forever
down its twisting hypnotic n-narrative hallway
its assumed valley between the pines
the attendants for semio-knots
their great murk
which who now who much worship moo
and to wear your long nosed raspadores mask
with the hordes of the streed

"in streed we gudd"
and play your long nose
play your long nose with a
sugar cane
o lickerish raspadores
of saint vitus
dancing viral bee cream charm

the palm has grown crooked
in sweetlight
beneathe the meadow
of the sinkhole
shaped like a trash golem
which mimics
a magnetic and spinning ovum