Thursday, January 5, 2017

Differing Only Slightly (Gibbon)

Aunt Kitty would nurse poor Gibbon
On the Epyllion teat of Catullus 64
So that where his brow would then lengthen
A deep blue expanse with fir tree glower on

A deep blue expanse

A deep blue expanse with Gibbon
Pine curving into keel
Gibbon starved in body now nursed
At the wet and chilly mouth of Ariadne

A wet and chilly mouth

A wet and chilly mouth had Gibbon
Whose teat was then the many volumes
Of a Universal History from the Earliest Account of Time
Where monstrum translates wondering

A monstrum translates wondering

In the universal history from the earliest accounts of time
poor Gibbon grown from some blue expanse of teat
to make a teat for a cold and chilly mouth
a dreaming web a fall

and Peleus carried away in love
and Gibbon with its stone axe meat fir tree
against a blue expanse of keel

one great eye staring out of its epic flag
whose ground is a maze
whose grist and soil
is amazement