Wednesday, January 11, 2017

turtle dots for the sailing horn's harking bust

(waltrid dounwardis)

fan of and fig longing and rides assemblage
pulsing in Gloss what sprawl or wallow
vehicle symbolism devours adoration

a sty masks the chime dial
it uses wonder monks' craved
as its surface

now shake dark urchin
the angels are gathering not to you
but to enormous wilderness

the soul is a shoe in this realm
charm llamas heavily as rich mouths
with tiny thoughts of sinne

as a presence in cream that groyleth
its skull halfway in tomcruisevivivd la gota pants
grey nostril mirrors twist leer and spread

the aqueduct's role for its humour
a siren's roadmap is a feathered tongue
chúpame el variable an option young animals

The Lord revengeth
but the Master sees a flowing
and perfect bottom

and in the wilted jest of the minotaur prion
a water apple mask the globe obviously
cannot choose a swine

horse sentences drifted
the blue butter of their tiny inner libre surface
poem tempests in shallow twisted foot tendril

lymed leues sparkling in the several equine happe
hims or hers muscles musicles masks
as the King and Rajhun is rolled in the intersection tooth way

it boasts as it is turned into urchins
fluted snout palps go chore like in mire
goose urchin Zeus storm the eyeholes

blackness is black camel
and is our only friend generosity
sinister austerity consoles the fountain of dusty stables

the dining room is soft
a supine naked J is made to waddle
and adhesive meadow ingrávido

progress thunderjeep mandolinis in gardenia and remembering
and let hoofs declare an icy milky bladder
Papers for terrarium aria downe his bodi flaine & uneasy

brut beastes and swyne sweepe the color
by grounde crá neo adroit like usually lessening
hung on boggy wode nectar care

to love' the tenderest bubble there
bird flame bass in tumba pintada
and rodaje in insular cheekes

soft lapis engulf this cherry plow
poems / traffic pellets
together ye wicked wretches thirst

thai walter acht breake
ashplants lakes motley mi wolter
[1670 walter & is afoot in the Digby

penis doun clustering and þe rolled
in gold and gif at fleem and weeping tongues
friend frond opposition Philomena goat boats

y prismatic humps designed
for Gester leaf relief green thame that
and which replicate

scarabouche unfolding
psychamoire' a synthetic apiary
of yellow walter florida down

into the etc.
in in J.
sun. sun

word a flat blue want moon city the windes now has been
a man dizzie binders and glue rain pages he and made an waltereth
to sheep further suck on us

wear black and redness through an her
young for animal birds
shadowed grime grease shoulders

takes unplanned make carved
for grace and rings journeying Echingodermal
bull raging in fyere prism

infinite Blotielle monkey woik
Blundevil serum maybees ice
tuminfecta y love ever a society

aided by Bradford Serm Repent self-answering
To nada Taint lentículo caído
lámina beyond the mere Stanyhurst Æneis

a negative release to la comba
del peristaltic worm columns
whose twist Wyclif that domestication (electronically)

There choo choo
and loathsome somnivore
O ahead ventriliquized ball relives

the wall of salted captivity
or bull-headed goose whose name
dwelled within 5 mile deep fete

Ray Disc natural window woltered roar
en el trono eliminante
To wallow committee volutabatur

surge or roll molding sink tent
clover where between painted poles
that is about care escaping expedient

Icthyophagi returned
Þe wawes ful of
prosperity, pleasure,

The Sowe waultering hir a mannis grain
inner jester she kept achieve penetration
with the froþid Vulgalpha pattern all smile forever

Þou wallowynge volutabundus lie gustitorp
endowing beetle vp spitiously fyue the wet
water forgetful toe truth stomach bull

among successive sievings a soul relieve
our ink wolf slaves in modern coiffure
so face measured vennolens indecencent accent

champagne mandala
man walter
in storm torsos