Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Algebraic (Volume) Density Properties for Affine Homogeneous Spaces

it would not be
in anyway untrue
to say that Nikolai
Aleksandrovich Notovich
had walked for some time
through the twisting
and poetic world

in Skardu he saw a raven
with a large green olive in its beak

'carrying' he would say aloud
as he tramped

'carrying a stony meteor' he would think
as he lay by his tramping campfire that night

in Mogao he met an old woman
an umbrella maker whose blind daughter
took him to visit the caves

she showed him the whistling wall
where the natural erosion of the stone
had made a natural flute
when the wind blew just right

in the dusty library cave he took a document
(all gold is cold in the earth, all silver a lassitude)
then took the blind girl to a market
to buy her fruit and flowers and tea
for her mother

in Ladakh he found a stone
so smooth it made him cry

'pashm and charas to the babes'
said Shulim aloud
Shulim is what Nikolai's mother called him

in a dream in a blanket on the ground
just outside of Shey, in Leh, in Ladakh
Shulim met François Bernier who was
sitting at a table
playing some kind of card game
with Lhachen Palgyigon
an old King of Ladakh

'there is a strange relationality
between unmotivated poetic
connections and the natural
semi-arbitrary relations
between signs and signifiers'
said François in the dream of Shulim
in a poem about
Algebraic (Volume) Density Properties
for Affine