Tuesday, January 10, 2017

the luminous no of yesness

yod coalescence
for one castle's worth
Harry Mathews seeks Radhu's help
to find Jason Blood
and Merlin's tomb is a book
that Morgan la Fey has stolen
gravel bouncing inside a jug
sounds like
venus is a potato and shrugs
or the stone statues that climb each other
into the bridge
eventually turning into fruit
and being dunked
into a gravy of clay
giocoliate of worlds' products todays'
cave castle and harbor
places sealed off
their tendrils discrete in the landscape
masks plumped with tiny fruit-like statues
which crawl all over each other
to reach the gem
of the central vacuum eye
as if the sections of its dome were part of a symbol
like playing cards become stained glass windows
or photons become decisions
in time's sun
this is how the universe of time is spherical
as if our great green spherical hair bushes
had begun to vibrate
and golden forks emerge
advolvō convolvō dēvolvō ēvolvō
involvō obvolvō prōvolvō
revolvō subvolvō
tantriques de l'air lumineux