Saturday, January 14, 2017

Excerpt from a future history

The first Mothers were created some 250 years after quantum computing became commonplace. AI was pervasive in various forms, most beneath our notice, and though there had been several problems, nothing from the realm of AI had ever proved catastrophic, in fact, with each small problem that was revealed, new vistas of positive information flowed forth, but now those vistas flowed into both the minds of sapiens, and the great collective recording angel of the AI's and their homeworld the internet. It was in this same period of bright and liminal gloam when nanotechnology also began to blossom more fully, and became first Picotech, then Femtoid, then finally Minne. Minne was quantum molecular programming at its finest, and included the ability to store information in the strange extra Kaluza-Klein dimensions that curled around inside the quantum foam which also allowed networked entanglement. Quantum entanglement became the new network infrastructure and Minne became its server farm, but later, Minne would become the bridges, the public and private buildings, everything. It was at this point, that the Mothers stepped forth. The Mothers were the culmination of some 1700 years of combined human and computer sciences. Like religious zealots but full of both compassion and the ability to heal, the Mothers were like physical servers of pure Ethics, pure enlightenment as well, or bliss, or whatever was needed, really. If there was a situation in which a human actor or actors were the central feature in a conflict, a Mother would discretely approach and begin its analysis. Once its analysis was complete, a single custom viral gene-splicing dart might correct the problem of an unusually cruel or misguided human actor. The Mother would map its genome, and its implants and upgrades, decide if any malicious or illegal daemons (personal AI cognition servants) were entangled with its thought process, and finally determine what the greatest virtues and possibilities of the creature were, and to the best of its abilities enact the changes that would not only promote an altered behavior but would also make it a revelation, an experience of wonder etc.

after Richard Brautigan's
"All Watched Over"