Friday, January 6, 2017

interlinear / with Shih Ching

In the wilds there is a dead doe;
(its dappled abstract form hovers throbbing in the leaves)
With white rushes we cover her.
(white beards from our heads and groins)
There was a lady longing for the spring;
(there was a strange instrument between)
A fair knight seduced her.
(there was a strange instrument inside)

In the woods there is a clump of oaks,
(diamonds explode then freeze in mid-air)
And in the wilds a dead deer
With white rushes well bound;
(bind the tithe rattle the binding)
There was a lady fair as jade.
(o green princess o transparent flesh)

"Heigh, not so hasty, not so rough;
(the wood has mouth)
Heigh, do not touch my handkerchief.
(the mouth is afroth)
Take care, or the dog will bark."
(a foetal dog lives in a womb-shaped parrot)