Tuesday, January 17, 2017

the gruesome dove

it was moved so that
it was changed to tell
it had come to pass
some form ode-supple
to the knotting nothing
and its lesser and greater children

strein goman reaume
milnes spary crothers
tutty sturk bilden fluter
rudish capling dearling
breth oag kelter younker
lenger enns ruttle mowat
whetter seidlitz baken
styan moote beechy mochel
shiplet laplaca valure buchner
sellen trudgeon bavin schlich
tocher spille stower hewer
cordiner schmaltz green
selago smoke and music gone
our carnyx is hoary

but the cloud ferment chamber is intact
it is the shoulder
its crust cave of high blue cloud is roundly
displaying fog sunk mountains thru the chest
whose emptiness more freel than tool

fool well hole (a commaund)
and the head some narrowly frequented blue
and smoth like clay
and arising in a higher place
surrounded by even more blue curtains
but the face is turned away in shame
for belowe the waste
is a wasting place
such that words end
and gathers open

let us symbolize this mad fire
with a tibetan peach house
of smooth orange bricks
put up into a dome
and let there be one lonesome bridge
over highest sky
to get there down below

plateaus are blades
and the air of geological poetry
curls off like flint
in a meteorological crystal

solstice is come
to your stone cuffs

snake electric
your primitive bulb hub
is drifting in vacuum and camphor
and the light so far

if in irregular
and cruel