Tuesday, January 17, 2017

polybius en grolier

why turtle clock water, magnet
why zeno death-laughter, figs
in water-hand delphic-mirrors persist
let your hand symbol icon undus gestorem
for fates persist (consist) and Perseus
ungulf grolier before the shield mirror
of medusa's binding- some, there are sum~
treasuries in lieu of scriptoriums
amicorum in lieu of plaquettes of regret
on the style of mood confused with nature
or of people (io, et io, et, io et, pico)
so we choose a model japonais to err in
geometrical strapwork designs or
with fleurons at the corners of the central panel
developed in the later bindings into elaborate
curvilinear interlacings combined with arabesques
*******tsdeng((((((faaaw--duwan [concept-force]
Polybius is important for his analysis of the mixed
constitution // or the separation of powers in government
which was influential on Montesquieu's
The Spirit of the Laws and the framers
of the United States Constitution ----------(georlduul((*
************A fire in the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés
removed an ancient library in a puff of smoke
in 1794. In his youth, Polybius was a high-culture hostage
because of the political beliefs of his father, and later
a renowned historian who was also a military advisor
that was present and involved in the Numantine wars.
For twenty years the Romans fought to quell
Celtiberian peoples along the Ebro river. nchu{UUU ufa
what is growlier, grolier than fate's contour?
What is a historian who also shapes history?
Are you really my friend, or are you
on your own journey to Mirandola
to cloister with Manutius in the arms
of the Pico...

Polybius (or poly-biasis)?
Absinthe reindeer toy.