Monday, January 9, 2017


concipiente cue ledger porcupine
Vindelicia foaming peasants
presence is all over Howard
oranžākajam mustard
these hung fleece sheep gold monkey nooses
the gems around their bruises
nordo Valerijs daunim
in these soothe times
two pancake earths come together in a dirt sky
more blue
axillam dismissiveness ditantor vnučók
white as a ghost
dark as a spoof
Aesculeto skribaĉontajn
pliszka pliszka suščéstvennyj
intermisceo as if will were this limiting time
as were more of sample and fossile
and geogribund
semibarbarorum in hand hair
föregångarna éktopos kýisi
plumes hasten to gorge out of your skin
ghost fungi artikulált
the next door kind
while grave implections smatter the huts
in the deeply random colors of these vile