Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Logic and Leisure

ogres eat osiris
as le corbusier
falls ever deeper
into the enormous
concrete earth shaft

his pyramid
swimsuit parachute
never an easy bridge
to the alcohol
and pervitin
of the kampfzeit follies

your mouth
is an infinitely soft
set of cushions

and naiads come there
bringing small effigies of clover
or dioramas of clover ogres
eating dandelion osirises

le corbusier may be lost
the velocity is increasing
the shaft is smooth
and grey

narratology is for dandelions

one almost feels
as if the wind he feels
is good for him
his concrete dandelion head

but the whole fish
and even the geometry
of celtic dwarves

of their cosmos
is a drug

of terror mixed with frailty
then armed
with confusion
against doubt

sing faster
or just
fall forever

your rapt mouth
alone in the darkness
contingency is a weird lover
for every species

there's no one to hear you scream
maybe bat-monkeys
eat you as you fall

maybe transparent things
catch you
with their jelly faces