Wednesday, January 11, 2017


if the sick sad soul monster
sat alone on its disc
and said world

would the round orb-like nature
of its balk recontend
a defenseless animal underling
toward pillow design handsome

if grotesque buffoon appeal
why does cacophonous absolute void energy
survive itself equation

black muffin toe fuzz helmet
dark ring of black swan caves gathering
for military soup

there is a dirt floor
with the innumerable bodies
of many known and unknown species

trees reach up
and in doing so
create spaces

paws and pause
ocean onion skull elongate
bath surrogate temple shoe
nose tool

it is so pulsid and still
but the wood knot remains
a radiant omen
the grist kite leaf which hangs
in spider's
lung kettle lace

draw your symbol on the floor
drum anaconda breather