Thursday, January 5, 2017

i implore you

as he looks up
as she looks up
as he looks out
and all of them blind
fantastic idols of light
the stone bust dumped on its back
and now staring at the stars
with a joint in its mouth

the painter actress
the painter king
the kingly judge
the sober steatopygia
of theatrical light as butter
for a complex topological
mosaic bath

where hovers holding court
the ponderously and gorgeously silly
hanseatic tiepolo machine dangling
its subtle brass letter A
its small thin transparent ivory faces
which are to go round
the Magdeburger hemispheres
once the ring has gone on
the air drained out

once gladdened tiepolostolic chromatistine butter
has been put to the equator
and the horses brought in
one could say that

Joseph Wright of Derby's
An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump
represents the last days of Tiepolo in Venice
or the last years of humanity on Earth

Joseph Wright of Derby
with his gorgeously silly
steatopygia of scientific shading techniques
his what happens if a light bulb
were to turn on here
in the midst of a deeply silly
and useless beauty

what if all peace
turn into winding corridors
leading to spectraalfontadsic triumphs

yong nad bun
look at the ruler
his eyes are crossed
and he has no further goal
but to sit on a stool at the top of the heap

but once he's there
the silliness is all too evident
but there's only silliness

only beauty
and the horses will tug in vain forever
and never break the seal
of that chestnut
its just too terrible