Tuesday, January 17, 2017


IRAKLIA columns
alleles katantikry century
IRAKLIA columns and
apechousin alleles voyage days
kλidaλ kofuλk qiraλ qelλk bilλ wcbaqẽnt
or clad in down leaves

And the Isle herein was persuaded
by two ice Gadeira names
in Sicily's triangular colon
that cities eisin vulva
in the Heraklion Metapontis
fried with its thorn exposed

These or another city which has
some apechousan day voyage from Hercules
or hyponemetron in dry clipped tongues
ibśimsis artimuk kulumsis aaraλ biraλk
albino hedgehog helmet
their whore priestess had been freeze-dried
laughing at you
Maionian Homer

and from that Hercules
of THL MASSEvropii Marketing
come so many

Carthaginians of Marketing
and clay
and tides
and seas
my purple whorl-nugs
aktin nãqis qelλk fẽnsλifid fakmλ artimuś
despite Lapygians going on day and on night
Ionian Gulf mouth

Paraplous four days
and nights four
and from Hercules to
or instead of this country
a Pasha fit for ports
and its Elpinoros memory
Esti Latins with gratuity expected
laqirisaν bukit kud ist esλ wãnaλ bλtarwo[d]
Sometimes different alleles can result
in different observable phenotypic traits
such as different pigmentation
HI trade name
Alikarna Molykreia;

and the Delphic bay;
mouth, those of vaginal foci stages
and later this sacred Nafpaktos city

what if strange lines
ran all about connecting everything
in a dense and maddening mesh
a hyperglossoneme
by Rhône echontai Ligyes
gives up instead
MEN barbarians
and Enginerring Cape not
some Sicilian groaned
between the rivers Krathio and Sybaris
near the city of Thouria city
bat comets

In the taftii THL country's citizens
Estin ellinios will Massilia and port
esλ mruλ buk esλ wãnaλ buk esνaν
like a colon of each part of the hobos
came in neven stages and after [͵af'.]
as "Epaneimi not again on the continent"
hence exetrapomin, by Gar Reggio
O Theognis Megara-Shara

These colonies Marseille eisi
and Tafroeis and Olbia will Paraplous
d'Esti unto this from
the Rhone River to Addis
amid toi ploi toutoi universal
bλtarwod akad manelid kumlilid silukalid akit n[ãqis]
HI Odyssey

Name soot, and others Many
desert island Sardis
and from Kyrnou island in Sardis
in unnison Wealth Tuesday party
laqrisak qelak kudkit ist esλ wãn[aλ]
Celtic Venetian sigh
stomping rubber tire carvings
Associate to the city during rivers as stages

And Isle toi desert in between
from Sardis jointly Livyin
wealth day and night
unto Sikelian from Sardis
Wealth two day and night
Epaneimi not again
on the continent
hence in Kyrnon

[o]raλ islλ bakillλ est
mrud eśśk [wãnaś]
smokey horse or turtle shapes
change as you move inside
the mesh

coining apertures