Friday, January 6, 2017

O Mu, Urnation

a 48 foot thick
white glass wall
surrounds the kraal
of eternal MU

the beauty of your blue-skinned
low-forehead folk is deafening

where great oceans once sang
with taffy-like arachnid screamer sharks

whose enormous cities
are edible and candy colored feet

whose lies are warm as statuary in the sun
a hot iron ball you try to swallow but can't

whose wild fame includes the fashioning of tall hats
and the herding of insects into spheres with whipchord breasts

has all the love of deep inner well books
drowned over and over until the horse mermaids give pomegranate

O Mu
whose incandescent mule kick to the skull
has rendered nature our father and mother

O Mu
your low brass forehead
scoops white pebbles into a high spire

O Mu
you are the calculation without numbers
you are the home where all religions dwell

O Mu
you are navel insane and beautiful
and when we stomp you to dust your blue nostrils will remain

O Mu
there is no land beyond the sea
there is no land there is no sea

O Mu