Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Words Concluded Before the Flame of Unity's Demise

anschir of affect
mysterious earth
say what it is
that what it is
is burning

say that no dog's head
or that no head of a human
is the head of the human state
that cannot be
cannot be burning
is burning

which by their need
doth know
knows nothing by the scent
for the scent
neither ascent nor descent
is burning

and signal this
with enormous tapir
the war tapir monument
on whose back
lives the sprawling marble
abstract parthenon saddle balcony
which is not
is burning

and within the undersea tomb
of robert louis stevenson
who is kept in an upright
blue glass bottle sarcophagus
on the mahogany table of the lounge
its top hat stopper jaunted
or cocked
and also within the window of the tomb
which looks out into the sea
see the three perilous monkeys
no see no say no hear
which look out over
the stone typewriter

power is burning

the stone typewriter
which as a graverobber
took prostitutes
from the very page
and placed their earth
their mysterious earth
to anschir
and to burning

for Doctor Jekyll
and Mister Hyde
were investigated
by a lawyer

so that Lacan might
be able to speak
of natural law
and human law
burning together
as a story
as a synthesis
of the foundation
before language
is chemistry

the living story
as told from beneath the sea
whatever it was
an airtight tomb
where an anschir
was never burning

and that the strange case
in all its words and deeds
both succeeded and failed
and that all of life succeeded and failed
just as it lived and died

caste foreward
warded to caste

and that the anschir
was a mystery
written only
only written

before it comes to that
by any measure
by any measure of what one story
or one planet
is burning

as if the brain were a sponge
held up over an obelisk
and squeezed out
into nothing

and then laid down
to dry
the brazier