Friday, January 13, 2017

seethe on peril for gnosis

take your lump-
en capers wind
for the ecclesiastical
ballont shall not fonder
and the shifting sands reveal
these dark stone heads
whose faces gloam tangled
in mother number

if the grasshopper is to leap
and the dancer salt its steps
with gleaming correspondences

oedipus raised
into vulcan's brow
and aphros stranger leer

to bottle war
but leave the cork
a catacomb
stuffed with lenses

airy things are entered into optick
and carried before the scry
peace is interlocking
where the puzzle is made flat
by symbol

take from magic its word
and from word its magic
to lift up the veil from truth
all this which is covert
and unglue

before the constant
and absolute tithing
of calculation
which knows no single door

only in madness without end
or serenity
is the made called to owe
and the ode
our maiden cauldron