Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Abstraction's Even More Gruesome Relations

"Freaks of Thought"

Xenophon went to Delphi [blew chunks]
probably had made up his mind [wad]
for not asking first whether [chin string]
was already made up [goose egg]

weather not made up [head wound]
they had made up [latent stutter]
Xenophonics or [swollen liver]
pregnant el phi [tumor]

advises them to break [chunks]
oft* that alliance [blew wads]
Xenophon did not know [found chunks there]
Socrates at all [was unknowingly eating wad]

In declaring that life [was chunks and wads]
is to be examined the "gadfly" [blew wads]
that he knew nothings [proffered large chungs]
and the phi- lia of the [was lost again]
enthusiastic Chaerephon [fell dead in delusion]

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