Monday, June 8, 2009

Le Flic


The black
Rabbit-headed buffalo
is a cop.

Isabelle Huppert
gives her winery
to the creature
whose hands are tied
with a glowing cord.

Sometime during the day
when the Tops
are reaching for their Bottoms,

The cop
begins to graze (to grease, grass?)
on the tinsel
which is elegantly arranged
like cocaine in the snow.

Isabelle Huppert
tells the creature
to be kind
to her winery

and the bottoms revolt.

You can see the head of the bottoms
in a stone ring up above
the valley;

le flic.

Its stubby cigar
is probably a reference
to Plato's remark

that the liver-mirror
is wiped clean
by the spleen

just for fun.

"No meat can be eaten," say the Tops.
"Pass the damn meat," say the Bottoms!

The black
Rabbit-headed buffalo
is a corpulent light
in the winery.

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