Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hohmblablah's Guppy Garden Trimaxiskoaled

Ass id profunda, dye oxymoor, une
saltombanque et fili lysergo kurgo
exun jambala allah wotan gnat gown
gumbo tombo bono homo lone wolf
and sub bus sly and the formily

throw down ohms
in disgust

with old

beat back
the sea mobster
with smoky logs
of old creme mags

case any joint
black lead cupid

dark blood red
bat of the extreme
rural dogwood

whose eyes
are hermaphordite
moses or saucer-lipped
bacon golem feedback copies

abusing themselves
as music
abusing themselves
as mustic

as rustic energies
of the poor old black universe
the poor old tired
explosion of neverending glory amen

glass amoeba light speed
gospel orgy freek out

yogi with braided foeti beards
with fingers
of triune pushcarts
and baba ganoush black sheep sodas

with polaritease's
weird gank gfarden brewha hue

unlikely sapien
wawa pedallures

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