Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Today in my plum-colored Izod
and walnut velvet climbing pants,
I am driving through Lexington~

Braindead in my Beemer X3.

I see a saga of flames, I see

a weird fucked up golem of rainbow-colored

popcorn. With 10 yr old Eagle Rare Bourbon,

one falls in love w/ Claudette Colbert
and what's him name with the big ears,
The newspaper maybe',',',',',',',',',
but most of all silk.

Silk is made by worms.

It comes from their butts.


  1. Clark Gable...I know the one you're thinking of, the one where the silk comes out of their butts.

  2. Thank God!
    I feel like a wayward jellybean..


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