Monday, June 8, 2009

Dumb Street Person.

Where the dresser became a mad tangle of shirts torn from God knows where, a strange little scene inside a box had been laid crookedly across the accidental foldings like some odd alien crystal in the midst of a supple, and fossilized disarray of proteinic macromolecules.

In the scene there was a nude woman with horn-like protuberances which were in fact inverted bird's claws. Grasped in the claws was a strand of beads which seemed to flow from the woman's anus and then be returned to her mouth by the claws, but the funny thing is, the woman was actually a statue of enormous size and each bead contained a little scene something like the grapes of Raymond Roussel in Impressions of Africa. The scenes, too, were also machinic, or sculptural.

Actually there was just a shoebox with a pice of paper in it.

And then some sweaty softball player girls came back in the room.
One accidentally stepped on a frog left there
by a dumb street person

without a liver.

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