Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I remember a bearded college professor
who became my friend when I was young
because I was already well-read.

He would tell me some of his visions,
and we were friends, and I remember
thinking some of his projects were a
bit pedestrian, but now

I think of all that stuff as being
sort of perfect, and kind of meaningful,
and the odd thing was how meeting him
led to meeting all kinds of people.

That really doesn't happen to me
anymore. Not really. Or not in the
same way, or I just don't give a fuck
anymore because I'm grumpy.


  1. Lanny,

    This is cool. Developmental phases of growth by inkrowment="normal" evolution of personal genius, no?

  2. I like that

    alot! :)

    Richard Something was his
    name, and I was his photographic
    model, and then he got me
    hooked up with this
    german photographer who
    was a 'light-painter'.
    It was pretty fun. Before
    that I did a shot with Richard
    that was as if I was a guy
    crawling through the desert
    and then looking up
    to a rattlesnake about
    to strike. It was a stuffed


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