Monday, June 8, 2009

The Most High And Beautiful Clam

zzzTwang is the postman lettoral

littoral clambased reed
or pan ich

All is alive
or all of living is reflected
into the living

sat zzTwang where the teasing post ended

3 ad
3 all

A snaking tent where the clambake occurs
some out of work workers are in there
working on getting fed
some other people were getting a delivery option
worked out

it's complicated
even chewing

or shewing

you'd think a beach just appeared
or a mountain

and the stupidest things
come here by the most insanely circuitous paths

or is it just that I'm enjoying lying
to you

well you've killed me
so have a long deep breath

of corporate software
at the begginningg
of the most beautiful clam
in the universe

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