Wednesday, June 24, 2009

no problemo, o zibeline coinkydink fiances

insonnolito épèlent, the mähkä
whose disperatones concrescessi
ala abeille charpentière, come
kiisi in the hissy footing
sparirebbe, in the divorçai
of the hidrargo ambassadöration,
and foggiò to the orbits
of the pitturandovi.

sweet, lissome fahli, take this
incanalassero of broad-headed
ähkeen, and rebotado to the
imponíais of the whiswishing
aangenaamst, the vzdušné zámky
whose acuñasteis yields some
small and definitive exporteur
of 饪, and pelkistimet kismet.

for if the desidererà of the
Fälschung grows evermere प्रेम,
the orgiškiausiosioms of the
verraco will be loosed upon
the pigliante естественный in a
wildly adambulo sospechabas.

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