Monday, June 1, 2009

Lame Goeth The Tonsil, Lame' Cometh The Ass..

And if in writing we say
in conclusion, there is
no conclusion, and vice

against us


light up the camel's hair
and the camel runs
and machine guns

lame runny

hive masks
that are infinite

these tender remarks do not touch you
these tender examples of the softest icon
these tender examples of the floating

meat air accident gender

why have i give you the pause
sayeth god to the ibswirlite

"look upon the docks of boogie"
hear the thump thump thump

when boogie boat arrive
boogie dock tremble

when boogie sailor depart
boogie bride ibgibooginate

in the natural cellar of boogie
all is boogie
and igiboo

there are serious desks in the space
of the giant teddy bear's head
we have to press ourselves through the ear canal
to get to the stable area with the desks

lit only by fireflies and lavalamps
the first desk

looks like a calligraphy of stamens
and the lesser morbidities which save us

in tennis
in grass surfing dreams
my one true love
and i are running

from the fucked up weird after effects
of my silly fucked up thought process disease

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