Saturday, July 7, 2012


for wentwam alf'd 'is betters
marat in a tub
marat in a tubule of pebbles
and only the face protrude
and only the rumpus conclude
Sir Phaneronoemikon Fancy, P.
The greatest babelard in Nature

or as all confusium bless'd
wherewhat the tone of the stone
could ever cuddle the rabble
of this puddle with a dabble
in the muddle of its perfect bubble
doubled the world to an udder
as mess seems to seme'

all the scatter into pristine rubble
semiotics wiles the sid smiles
to a red-glassed window
on the haze, elbows
and assholes out of phase
where the current
leads the voltage
by the nose

its guardian king or queen
unique or gnawing
backwardly the bone
its nob a pang before
a price waka waka kan

usurped utterly
within the fang
of conscious snagu
sanguine luzajb
virpan bakeltik


as eblis put a bee upon the sill
and there it lingers still
a babiana of babingtonite
from the babion of pearl love

baby girl mouth to spat its
eee eee eee

unto the louvres
made from paddles
of emerald lawn

and at the top
that stark mad icon
aiming its arrow
to the sky


what is an ion
fed with hyle
what is a deaf
mute clue

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