Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tumiduous Famalfaluca

and feeding its ever-wealthy arms
coats of paint that settle
to the punitive foil, its 
fructified ballad to wait 
there doubtless
in style

and feeding style, a
pared kerf from cloven
joinery, the bason's
clever baron, a
nudifidian nudnik
so poliorcetic,
so sick w/
courtesy and

and manners, there
are more in the air
where the rivalry
banks, its blank
checks and balances,
planontine, and
vieux jeu

and how the spy
has a bladder of hats
for this total Sunday
orb, this skaitbird's
book of Holmgren's
wools sitting open
to greens, but
scattered in dabbles,
all its Grenzbegriffin

begriffined w/
tidy hwyll-tufting

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