Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Matters. (Master Meta Paideuma Reflux)

I paid you, Ma,
and I'll pay you again
soon as I git myseff
another job.

With Pappy's broke feet
and your authritis, your'n
quite a couple, but
still the best.

I was led astray
by a Chinee VC
Mandarin Pong Tong
at that last one,
shame on me.

But in this one,
I'll node to keep
to myseff, do
the damn task,
and find a gopher
to tug while the
clock rattles out.

I'm ready for duty, Ma!
I won't let you
or Pappy down!

If tadpoles and singin'
are loose in our chapel,
ther'll be bugs in the
cubberd fer shur,
and I'll keep my
cussin' from Pappy
sose he won't
connipshun again.

I paid you Ma,
and I'll pay you again,
soon as I git myseff
this one at Tea Eye
amakin' widgets
fur the wiglets.

I'll be damned if I

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