Friday, July 27, 2012


and every happy meatnik, everywhere

deep water days
in Charlottetown bay
the sharks are leavening
and rye

and the sails are
flaming in the emo dao
doctor J Paul Sartre can-
Moo).. (oh moo it all..)

and the skopfbox magus
reveals his nipple beak
deep water
(deep water) revenant

elderly suction deep
poisson and poulet, okay?
 In Charleston bay,

there is a ship made of shicken,
and the finest lady is she, photographically
and all (all shang the mighty earth
bikini philossoppy)

2.) set sail out
into  the outre' etym


 light's gold
wch- respects all
and nothing

but by its charmed
children screaming
chanting cultus upon
age of burning cultus
react to that o chicken
of the seas, and

seclusion seek
(the Dickinsonian Spinther?)

of nipple
 of bright


The pope's nose
your Platonic hectum's


primal phoenix

The matter maw ate her.

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