Wednesday, July 25, 2012


There's a charming chapter-heading quote I thought I'd share from Michel Houellebecq's Lanzarote, which isn't on the Kindle, so I've been squeezing its little neck of a book in various locales, mostly the patio before the sun becomes unbearable, or on the toilet, as it is certainly that kind of book, and yet not. Suffice it to say, the book has a ring of false vulgarity, or whatever, I'm just reading this guy.. But the quote, seems very JBW:

'I speak calmly; I live calmly, I sell telephones in
March, in April and September.'
- Gruneberg and Jacobs,
Spanish Through Word Association

I speak frenzy; I live frenzy, I ride a cellphone surfhoverboard through the sky like the silver surfer, the mercury surfer! and that cellphone's ringtone is a rattlesnake's rattle. 

false. or Depressed. or uncalm. but.

If I sense its name in again, or, that there is in that, an elaborate house of glass, words or complex transparencies, stunnels, or tunnels and bulbs where the flowing snakes gather. Orgiastic dreaming knots which inadvertently get displayed, the thin doubled walls somehow glowing faintly, feintly, neon, neo, as the daylight rises, then fades. The good cool air and the high arching trees hold the half-revealed structure, and no snakes are allowed to leave in the places of rest. I gaze through the angled troughs of their thoughts, way,
where the snakes wend their way over the bodies of their compatriots, and beyond that, to the strong, dumb,
horizon. false. reverse. Well. Dusk is sprinkle in a little bag. The whole notion of its notion, and where one fine fang once laid. It creation empties out, and the skin repurposed.

Ahh, the gleaming fang of Mercury. And all the sad hours lost, or gained.

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