Thursday, July 19, 2012

Strigelian Algebra

blank councils digress into the sunset clearing
magolordia polybodhi chromatif
and shake the iron pencil width dugong
how accordion brisk the silver setting's instrument
tiny musics placed on somm-blurting wunderkammern
naughty and feece fie honey-thrushed to ammon
and vermeon red trowel'd the fedai to fidelity
consummate crockey cocked up amid the dynasty's
raster roiling ompah-omphthalo
belly buttoned up smooth with the camphor
of cussing widgets
their bloom fief brethrem overarching the eye
whey bro
armadillo analogues like pearls in the peat
poly-roled in all theatrum spread
tonsil Mise-en-scène each column a fountain
wherefore mechanical crustaceans sped
deep V of hurtling chimes entering the atmosphere
as they say before pinching off the oranged wickery
bot for wodd or petys oftentimes in terse money
the satyr contemning ibid
snake's tangent law liminal as limb
in forecast
dowsing the abducendas
before the shrinking shagreen
peau de dwindle for a shrunken stead
fleet cavernore bebold alt unsenspan
treloren at that fotmael runelard
runge kutta to filibate myxicola
for the daily tel
punt while you still can
upon the end of a dark cylinder's surface
in venice to stand upon this desk in a flood
and dip the quill for a gondola's mooting
for if a sphere gets dezzy to hare's mugget
then and only then
Tiflis morning mitre accost
worminson sally biting
each thing tequila mixty-maxty
and languaged only by the
mixtilinear fooker classic
as the Whetstone of Witte
which is the seconde parte
 of Arithmeticke, containing
 the Extraction of Roots,
 the Cossike Practice, with
the Rules of Equation, and
commonly linger.

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