Monday, July 2, 2012

Fête Sic et Non, Seme' Tête, Signon, Nonce Ich

exu (or the black god of legs)
|seem detail|

mega micro
the yadda yadda yocto
effectrix, and

a single germinus there
as if the bindi -push-
or where inscription's
trans-sedition of the epiphenomal

as universal
what by combination
comes into combination
was by its original nature

nib mocks, or
moxy for tricks
as in the catalogue
of earthbound light
Hermann Ludwig
Ferdinand von Helmholtz

within the molecular plea
bargaining it seems
Yeye Moro Ede Fumike
Kayode Aña Akuara
Funke Kole-Kole

O shun this, Effectrix
ocean factor detail abvolving
Omo Euphoria
bindi nod fact or original
unilever (stable unbroken brocade (
Lo! thou tristist on this brewikon staf..
Iconnerie, Iconarria, Ichon..

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