Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kudara and Murgab

Pierre Loti lottire
and mow the pout
down short
to the snout
and decorate
its woman

snout woman mouiller
Pierre your fake head
if anecdottage serve me

let's all gather
to see the snout
behind its veil

mongoose interlocken
gold snake inductive reasons
bra and moolvee

in Constantinoble
gasses remain
Xenon the fame
terrible the old King
shouting from the parapet
as the would be Turks
come down into the valleys
of the would be Klimts
and casual aristockraseas

blue mosaic faience phallus
as tall as a minaret

of dented

nude women as currency
for Pierre Loti
wrapped in thin silk
the color of Castelvetrano

their masks
of edible wax
fringed with transparent licorices
filled with pheromonadic

dew apples
grown in among
the wild Crimean

hard flat discs
of dried garlic paste

lead these beauties
out into the campo

the rain
the whistles
the wheezing

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