Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ester's Mouse Skin Perineum Eyebrows

On little things, as sages write, 
Depends our human joy or sorrow, 
If we don’t catch a mouse tonight, 
Alas! No eyebrows for tomorrow.

No eyebrows of mouse skin
For Ester my love, no glossy
To cover her barest..

She'll look like demon or a ghost 
From old Edo, especially
when she puts them on drunk.

So drunk in fact, that
the origin of all metaphor
is not unlike a skinless mouse
laid quietly on a perineum

There is an eyebrow
like a caterpillar
on your perineum divan.
There is a drunken hand,
called 'the World'.

Or that if that one world is fine,
why not a corncob covered in a
kernalling of worlds, and appalled,
a blue corncob of Earths
would be so very much better!

Firecrackers in ancient China!

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