Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chao Pink Pinnolio

dry disjointed rattlesnake bones
lay wallowing in the blood
of the dusty exploded balloon fragments
the linglong bits of strings
and lipped teflane bung plugs glowering

rattlesnake balloon zeppelin
and its pilot
Amasa imbrued with blood

huge rattle snake balloon rattle
dried chickpeas tophatting tympanum
irrational greeks like air molecules
once were everywhere in the seem
it's all "lay in the midst" to me now
dry disjointed rattlesnake bones
the skull could be a speeder design template

magneto reactive fang fins to glide
the sands of a distant
the dusty exploded balloon fragments
of a distant rattlesnake balloon hourglass
henwrethed with chickenous
teepee toppan stanislaw lem fangmobile

maybe too irrational for you
maybe too logical
who are you
Amasa imbrued with blood
are you some hovering balloon caduceus
the golden jesus
in your mink coat skating faun parade
a george dickel polio sonnet
rubbing pi corna
to corn pie
with all distant relatives