Thursday, January 5, 2017


and abrassanax
a drunken tarantula hawk
enters a cracked deformed
gepid skull
fadgingula fadfok foldfak fadfolk
fakking fold fiddle and then sumat
sumat brel with the long curtain shambled up
and out of the large groups
no more beyonds and dark lays of knots
their animal chieftans
their sluggish imaginations
are grim
and cannot conceive in the
aching heartgull of some new religion
no bird in space is large enough
to hover inside the basilica
no high peaked opera sator throat star tower
great voco choir fan tower
fan stage
fan mandala stage
to grund grund magnet staircase masks
hundreds of flippers
across of the ophalus mu skool
no luminous underground watery labyrinths
hovering spheres no nu mystery but the
dirty navel dirty deformed skull
a drunken tarantula hawk
a terran tool must sell
fadlinga wall go fadlinga wall go
no brocade but what the aforestring'd fadlinga
wended to the fuhuguilgogo
arribí arribí pomegranate cutting swirth
confirmatie debutarás restaurions
these green pebbles
and these vibrating masks
with manes of ooning knorks
foontwipped fadlungo or hearth gud
it's a tongue mixed up with hearts
and mud
and a grey layer of fermentation
wheiyl their babies root around
in the paralyzed spider's body
avoiding the major organs
seething or whimsical
fat grubs go inky